Animal and Pet Placement

If you need to find a new home for your pet, the responsibility lies with you; the pet owner. Here are ways of doing this with just a little effort.

  1. Place an ad in the local newspaper. The Santa Clarita Signal newspaper will run free adoption ads. This is the best way for your pet to find a new home, and you can renew this ad for as long as you need to.
  2. Another great way to find a home for your pet is to place them on display. Put your pet in a pet crate, groomed, and cleaned up, and sit next to them outside a local pet store. This way people can take a look at your animal and spread the word to friends and family looking to adopt a new pet. This also helps you personally screen potential homes for the animal.
  3. If you are thinking of taking your pet to an animal shelter, the odds of your pet making it out of the shelter into a new home are slim to none. Many shelters only keep animals for a limited number of days, so if you care about your pet you will do all you can to get it adopted, keep it alive and out of shelters.
  4. If you find a potential owner, ask them some brief questions to make sure your pet is going to a responsible home. Ask them the name of their veterinarian, if they have any other pets, previous pets. Ask them about personal pet experiences and if they are pet-friendly. Also ask if they are willing to make a $25 donation to a local animal shelter. If they are not willing to spend the $25, then they probably won’t be willing to take your animal for its treatment needs or spend money on it, which is key in the adoption process.
  5. Do not give your pet away on Craigslist. There are too many predators looking for free pets to hurt, and Craigslist is more often than not the listing named when these cases surface. We recommend placing an ad in your local newspaper because it’s more likely a serious adoptee will respond to an ad from a reputable editorial.

It is your responsibility to find your pet a new home. It is important to try to get them adopted, rather than dumping them at shelters to be euthanized. With just a little effort, in a matter of hours you can find your pet a loving home.